Kentucky Mountain Trio - Im Going Home chords

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C-We all have a purpose. A reason for being
C- But sometimes we get caught up, searching and trying
F-to be.
C- But here in this life, 
Am- it doesnít matter where you go
F- what you do, or who you know
C- the one thing that matters
G- most is if youíre going 
C- home.


C- Iím going home, some glad
F-morning. Iím gonna 
C- see Jesus
F- face to face. Iím gonna
C- sing with the angels, see all of my friends
Am- tell all of my family how much
C- Iíd missed them, itís gonna be a beautiful
G- day, Iím so thankful I can say
C- Iím going home.

Verse #2

C- This life that Iím living itís not al-
F- ways easy.
C- But without him, Lord only knows where
F- Iíd be, Heís the 
C- reason I wake up, the reason I talk, Heís the
Am-one who carries me, when I canít 
C- walk and heís the
G- reason, Iím go-
C- ing home.


C- Iím going
G- ho-
C- me.
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