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Kenyo - Kiss On My List tab

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Title: Kiss On My List
Artist: Kenyo

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Intro: Bm-D-E

My Friends wonder why, I call you all of the time
         E           Bm         
What can I say, I don't feel the need
               D      E        Bm
To give such secrets away, you think maybe I need help
No, I know that I'm right
        Bm              D                  Bm
I'm just better off, Not listening to friends advice


 E         D
When they insist on knowing my bliss
   D          E      D             
I tell them this, when they want to know
  E                   D  
What the reason is, I only smile when I lies
Then I teel them why


         Bm                  A
(because you kiss) your kiss in on my list
(because you kiss) your kiss is on my list
     G#m            F#m
(because you kiss is ony my lkist) 
Of the best things in life

(DO verse Chords)
I go razy wondering, what here is to really see
Did the night just take up you time
Cause It means more to me,
Sometimes I forget what I'm doing
I don't forget what I want
Regret what I've down
Regret you, I couldn'et go on

Refrain 2: (Do Refrain Chords)

And if you insist, on knowing my bliss
I'll tell you this
If you want to know, What the reason is
I'll only smile when I lie
Then I'll tell you why

(repeat chorus)

(repeat refrain:
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