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Kepano Green - Emmanuel chords

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Emmanuel - Kepano Green
Capo 3
Standard Tuning

Verse 1:

Gadd9                                      Em7
I will seek You with my whole heart in the center of the storm
    Cadd9            D               Gadd9
And remember, oh the promise of Your love.
Gadd9                                  Em7
You are near to heavy-hearted, and the broken You repair
     Cadd9        Em7               D              A7
Every moment, even sleeping, You are there, You are there.


Gadd9                           D
You have laid Your hand upon me, let Your love surround me
Em7       Cadd9
You are Emmanuel
Gadd9                                 D
I was hiding in the darkest night, and then You found me
Em7    Cadd9
You are Emmanuel,
Gadd9    Em7
Emmanuel, Emmanuel

Verse 2:

Gadd9                                       Em7
I have stumbled, I'm always falling and I am humbled by my sin
       Cadd9       Em7            D            A7
But the moment I confess them, You forgive, You forgive



           Cadd9       A7                              Gadd9
Oh tell me, Where can I go, from Your Spirit, from your presence?
Cadd9           A7                            A7
Come and take me home, to Your Spirit, to Your presence, yeah
Cadd9       D
Never let me go

Chrous x2
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