Keren Ann - Not Going Anywhere tab

i saw some other guys writing tabs for this song at a lot of other sites and they 
messed up the chords so here is exectlly whats playin.

keren ann
not going anywhere (GREAT SONG!)

()-ghost note (play it less loud)

( you've got to listen to the song while trying to play this because the timing is not written)

the chords of the intro are

 A#   Dm   Cm   D#m

and thats how they are played

 A#           Dm         no chord         Cm         D#m

chords of the verse:

 A#   D#m   A#m   Am

thats how they are played:

 A#           D#m          A#           D#m         A#m          Am

-6---6-6-----|I   play this whole part twice

the chorus played just like the intro and all the verses played the same
good luck
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