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Kevin Max - You Are The One tab

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Tabbed by: Loco23

Tuning: Standard

Verse 1:

D       F
I try  to digest my pride
      C                   G
But passions grip I fear
D              F
When I climb  into shallow vats of wine
                    C                 G
I think I almost hear  but it's not clear

D     G       F
You are the one                               x2
C                        D
You'll never be alone again
F                        C              G
You're more than in my head  you're more

Repeat Verse1 for verse 2

and thats pretty much it, pretty easy song good to play along with when theyre live.

| /  slide up
| \  slide down
| h  hammer-on
| p  pull-off
| ~  vibrato
| +  harmonic
| x  Mute note
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