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Kevin Sharp - Nobody Knows It But Me chords

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This is how I play this and all the words are correct. These chords work for me.

The G I use is played adding the 3rd fret of the B string and using the
pinky to play the high e. I don't know the exact name, it's just shown as G on the 
chord charts I could find, 

G (W/D) is a walk down from the G to the Em

G                  D
I pretend that I'm glad you went away,
Em                    D
And these four wall's close in more everyday
        Cadd9            D                   G       D
And I'm dyin inside, and nobody knows it but me.

G              D
Like a clown I put on a show,
Em                       D
The pain is real even if nobody knows
        Cadd9             D                   G (W/D)
And I'm cryin inside, and nobody knows it but me.

Em                   D
Why didn't I say the things I needed to say,
Cadd9              D
How could I let my angel get away.
Em                      D
Now my world is just a, tumbling down,
Cadd9                    Cadd9
I can see it so clearly, that your nowhere around.


G                            D
The nights are so lonely the days are so sad, and
Em                            D
I just keep thinkin about the love that we had
        Em              Cadd9               G
And I'm missin you, and nobody knows it but me

Interlude: G D Em D Em Cadd9 G (W/D)

Em                      D
How blue can I get, you can ask my heart
Cadd9                               D     
Just like a jigsaw puzzle it's been torn all apart
          Em                  D
A million words couldn't say, just how I feel
Cadd9                              Cadd9
A million years from now you know, I'll be lovin you still

Repeat Chorus

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