Kid Cudi - Erase Me chords

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[verse 1]
C          Em          Am                   G
She said I don't spend time like I really should
C                   Em   Am       G 
She said she don't know me, anymore
C        Em          Am                   G
I think she hates me deep down, I know she does
C             Em   Am      C
She wants to erase me mmmmm,

F         G      Dm
A couple days no talking, I seen my baby
F         G      Dm             G
And this what she tells me, she said

I keep on running, 
keep on running and nothing works
Am                   F
I can't get away from you, no

I keep on ducking,
keep on ducking and nothing helps
Am                   F
I can't stop missing you, yeah

'Cause I'm in the magazines
On the TV
A                                    F
No matter where you are you might hear me
I'm in the magazines
On the TV
No matter where you go you might see me
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