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Kim Boekbinder - More And More chords

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I'm not sure whether Kim Boekbinder aka Kim Vermillion is signed or unsigned, but 
her sister Zoe is listed here, as well as the band they were in together - 
Vermillion Lies. This is a solo song though. Video here   
Kim's site here

I've never done this before and haven't even been playing long, but couldn't find 
this song's chords anywhere on the internet. It sounds pretty easy. Please correct 
me as I am probably off.

A                        F
You can have my keys, If I can have your heart,
A                             F
You can sleep on my couch,  If I can sleep on top of you 
F                C                           A
Oh you, you can have everything you need  Oh you,
A                                                   F
you can have everything, You can have everything, And more

A                           F
You can be my carpet,  And I'll be your floor,
A                      F
I'll be your music,  If you play me like a guitar 
F                C                      A
Oh you, you can do everything to me, Oh you
A                                               F
you can do everything, You can do everything, And more 

A                     F           
If I was a sonnet,  I'd be 15 lines long,
A                           F
And if I was a pop quiz,  I'd have 90% of my answers wrong
F                         C                           F
Oh but you, you're always right about everything,  Oh you, you're right about
C                         A
everything, All the time, And more. 

A                         F
You can use my toilet,  If you promise to flush,
A                                  F
You can help me write this song.  I'm not asking for much 
F                  C                                
Oh we, we can have everything we need,
F                  C             F
Oh we, we can have everything,   we can have everything 
And more  (x8)
And more... (repeat and fade)
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