Kim Stockwood - Jerk tab

Person: Kok Tsiang Hui

song: Jerk

artist: Kim Stockwood

tab: "Jerk" by Kim Stockwood 

Guitar 1 is clean acoustic guitar with strumming the chord indicated
Guitar 2 is light distortion with digital delayed playing solos and

Chord Progression :
D   - xx0232
Bm  - x24432
G   - 355433
Gm  - 355333
A   - x02220

Power chord
D2  - x577xx
Bm2 - x244xx
G2  - 355xxx
A2  - 577xxx

intro :

   D       Bm      G             A          D        Bm       G        A                                                        
                                                                     * Let ring and get 
                                                                       the feed back    

Verse 1
      Bm         G                A
Since you there gone feel so much better

        Bm       G              A       
coz the sore how me u could be

    Bm      G                A
are u still want some explainations

    Bm                 G                A Asus4 A
and all i want is want my patrick watt CD

Pre Chorus
    G                   A
how i waiting for today

     G          Em      A
when i could finally say

Chorus [guitar 1 downstrum once each chord till guitar 2 fill in then
strum back to normal]
  D        Bm
u jerk [u jerk]

    G         A   [Guitar 2 with distortion fill in midway with playing
power chord]
u r such a jerk 

          D         Bm 
there are another word 

         G    Gm       A
but they just dont works

- Little solo play same as intro

Verse 2
Sometimes i wish meld u that wheater
they said that thing that did not say [shhhhh]
Instead i set the thing on fire
i had decived this out of any way

i'm so glad i found the nut
to say what u deserve

back to 



try to be a cool such as like a fool
never take u call when u nobody at all indeed
somebody in and then want to be your friend
how come jerk don't know that jerks [i don't know]

Verse 3
[below are some Fill in of guitar 2]
So next time 
    B|--2-| [strumming]
someone  let u feel little
just sing a song inside ur head
    e|---2-0--        ---3-0--     --0-------- 
    B|--3----2        --3----3     -2---3--2--
    G|-4------        -0------     2---2------   
    D|--------        --------    2---2-------
and light a great thing cut to bubble
it's lovely work that will dance upon that head

how i waiting for today 
when i could finally say

back to Chorus a bunch of times

- End -

Transcripped by Kok Tsiang Hui :) - Malaysia - 29 December 1999 

comments, corrections and suggestions are welcome. pls send to

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