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Kodaline - All I Want chords

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Tabbed By Oliver Wade


The guitar is usually tuned down etc, as such this version will sound naturally higher 
however it is exactly the same notes and works with the song.
Intro is a strumming "G"

* Verse 1

G             C       G
All I want is nothing more
                     D     Em
To hear you knocking at my door
          C                          G
Cause' if i could see your face once more
        C                   G
I could die a happy man i'm sure

G                  C        G
When you said your last goodbye
                D     Em
I died a little bit inside
      C                       G
And I lay in tears in bed all night
   C                    G               D
Alone without you by my side


But if you loved me
Why'd' ya leave me
Take my body
Take my body

All I want is
And all i need is
To find somebody
I'll find somebody

     G      C      G
Like youuu, ohhhh, oh
G       D       Em
ohhhhh, ohhhhh, oh
C       G
     C       G
Like youuuuuu

* Verse 2

Same as Verse 1

* Chorus 2

Same as Chorus 1

* After Chorus instrumental

Am, D
Dm, G (Hold this G for the run up to the bridge)

*Bridge (Woooo wooo woooo's)

The same as the Chorus

Em, C, G, D.
Em, C, G, D.

* After Bridge Instrumental

Em, C, G, D.
Em, C, G, D. (Begin to quiet down for the soft chorus after this last "G")

* Soft Chorus (Ending)

Same as chorus 1 & 2

.... I'll Find somebody
     G        C         G (Strum this "C" once to end)
Like youuuuuuuohhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhh
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