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Kolohe Kai - Dont Stop chords

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Verse 1: (chords: Bb, F, Gm, Eb)
Bb                  F           Gm     Eb
We jamming reggae music around the clock
Bb                     F            Gm         Eb
We sitting and just cruising on my hometown rock 

Pre chorus: (Chords: Cm, F, Gm)
Watching the waves
Hit our toes in the sand
All the boys that you can have
Cm                    F
True kolohe united we stand
Gm                   Eb          F
To spread our aloha across this land 

Bb                F
Donít stop the rhythm
                    Gm            Eb
Let the rhythm keep pumpin and pumpin
Bb                F
Donít stop the rhythm
             Gm    Eb
My heart is jumpin x2 

Verse 2:
Bb                F
Irie vibes keep flowing
               Gm          Eb
Throughout the air ( through out the air)
Bb                 F          Gm  Eb
Knowing weíre not going anywhere 

Pre chorus:
Cm                 F                
Pretty girls keep skanking on the floor
Cause tonights the night you ask for more
Cm                            F
Jammin this music till the break of dawn
Gm        Eb         F
Itís on, carry on Carry on 




We say
Bb                    F
We jamming hard in Pakalaís backyard
But everything we did wrong
We will disregard
No more negativity
Only positivity
Gm                        Eb
We'll become reality just you and me
Bb                 F
Mr reggaeman turn it up
    Gm                        Eb
Me want fee jam till the sun comes up 


Donít stop

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