Kort - Yours Forever chords

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'Yours Forever '  written by Robert Stephens & Tommy Hedden
Cover by Kurt Wagner & Courtney Tidwell
From album 'Invariable Heartache' 2010

Yours forever,That's how I will be
A       Ab    A                F#m7        
Only for you, could I be true, eternally
          Bm              E             A Bb Bm E

Yours forever, and I know It's true
A    Ab      A                   F#m7 
All I can give, my life I live
           Bm                   E

For only you
          A Bb Bm E

True love is a treasure
that will grow and grow
It goes beyond all measure
And here I want you to know ... that Im
    Bm                  E

Yours forever, Yes I was born to be
A     Ab    A                   F#m7
so faithful and true
but only to you, eternally
             E          A  Bb           

Yours forever, yes that's how I'll always be
Bb    A     Bb                            G             
only for you, could I be true, eternally
          Cm              F
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