Kris Drever - Poor Mans Son tab

                    Dm F
---------------------2-2--|   x2

                 A# Dm A# Gm Dm

             Dm	        	F
Advert hangs upon the wall

                Dm		 F
"workers needed apply below",

                             A#                   Dm
You don't need a job if you've got a gun

                      A#    (Gm)      Dm
and there's a bank across the road,

Dm	              F
My Ma hangs around my neck,
                Dm		F
I point the pistol and tell the clerk,
              A#                         Dm
I'm not a bad man I'm just a poor man's son,
               A#    (Gm)             Dm
So give me the money and nobody gets hurt,

Dm				     F
The deputy sheriff points his gun at me,
         Dm                 F
You'll never learn will you McGee,
             A#                           Dm
I'm starting to think that you like that cell,
            A#     Gm        Dm
And you can't wait to go to hell,

        F                A#           F
Hey, Ma  it's me and I'm not married yet,
                                   A#                 F
I'm sorry I'm going away again for another five year stretch,
A#				     Dm
I'll make good someday you wait and see,
           A#   Gm        Dm
I love you Ma, say hi to Billy.

(Repeat last verse)
           A#   Gm        Dm
I love you Ma say hi to Billy.
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