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Krystal Meyers - Fire chords

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Fire - Krystal Meyers

Intro: (wait for one bar, then come in) B, G#m, B, G#m (x2)

 You make light from dark
 Illuminate my heart
 It started with a spark
 And now I'm consumed

 I know that it's your will
 So I'm gonna shine until

 I'm a city on a hill
 And they can see you

 And know you
E               F#
 And know you inside


 You set me
 You lit me
        B  F#
 I'm on fire
        G#m       E
 What a beautiful sight to see
        B  F#
 I'm on fire
 G#m               E
 Until my light is burning bright
           B                  F#                 E
 I'm gonna lift your name and let this flame get higher
G#m,E   F#, G#m,   E

B                             G#m
 Let your fire feed on all my disbelief

 Cause you are all I need
 You're contagious

 Like a blaze I can't contain
 It never fades away

 It's sunshine through the rain
 That's what your love is

 And I know
E             F#
 And I know inside



F#, G#m                  B               E
        I wanna show 'em you're the only one
        F#                       G#m
        Show 'em you're the only one
        B                          G#m        E
        You're the only reason why I'm on fire

Instrumental: B, E, B
              G#m, F#, E
              F# - slide up fretboard

-[Chorus]- x2

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