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Kula Shaker - Persephone tab

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For this tune you need to get your flamenco right handing working like a mutha licka!! 
This is the basic chord structure. 
If you know the song you'll know the arpeggio pattern.

Am x4
Am - D - E
Am - D - E - F* - E

Am   Am          D        G
Deep Below the world persephone
Am        Am     D  E      
Sings of love forgo-tten
Am       Am       D      G         Am  Am     D     E
Mother Nature's only daughter Persephone

Am            C             G           D
She saw the dawn with the light in her hair
Am            C           G           D         C
Twisted and torn she was taken from there now she's gone gone gone
E       Am 
Oh my dear persephone
E            Am
Your heart sings a melody
    F         Am       C                       E
We hope your safe and sound.............under ground

Am     Am      D     G
Am     Am      D     E
Am     Am      D     G
Am     Am      D     E

Am     C       G      D
Am     C       G      D        C
E              Am
E              Am
F     Am      C           E

Mid 8
Now That the winter is frozen and poor
Come back Persephoen and be reborn
Dm                                            F         
Come back my darling we miss you my darling return..turn....turn

Am D E
Am D E
F*   E
F*  E

*F = E played on 3rd fret

Thats it folks. Happy plucking from the happy plucking busker....Nadthemod

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