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Kurban - Anne tab

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-Josh Ritter-

C             Em 
Anne walks alone   
F               Ab    G(bar)
Past the Domino sugar factory
C                Em
She's easy to know 
F           Ab     G(bar) 
As a broken mystery oh oh

Conversations are slow 
With herself in dead parking lots
Hands not being held 
End up tying everything in knots

C(8th) Em(7th fret) G(bar) F 
Lone - ly
C(8th) Em(7th fret) G(bar) Ab G(bar)
Lone - ly

You don't deserve what you got
Holy father of the day-to-day
if you keep such careful watch
Tell me why is she just wasting away

Lone - ly
Lone - ly

F                     G                C  C/B F
Water under the bridge is never coming back      x2

C Em F Ab G(bar) repeat and fade
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