Kutless - Smile chords

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Normal tuning - Capo 2

F#m    E              D
On a plane somewhere again
F#m             E         
I take my place in line
D                     F#m
Just like every other time
           E           D 
I slide into my window seat
F#m       E       D
She was sitting there
One seat over so I said
        E              D
"Hello, how are you today?" 

 Pre Chorus
          E             D      A             E
With my smile I could see the hope within her eyes
        F#m                   D         E
And I knew that something's different today


 D      A                E 
Though everything's the same
F#m                       D
Inside there's something real
               A             E
A faith which causes me to change
(But what's different now)
D            A            E
A spark is gleaming in my eye
              F#m                 D
Like diamond stars that fill the sky
             A           E
I think a smile says it all
A smile says it all

The conversation presses on
As miles pass below
She said I have to let you know
You seem so different to me

There is a joy inside
The love of God is all I know
From which this could originate
With one smile I could see, the faith we share inside
And I know that something's different today

C#m       A            E         B
     I see what a smile can say about me
C#m       A            E         B 
     I know that words are not always what speak
C#m           A     E   
     Sometimes it's not what I say
B              F#m              D             F#m 
     That the world around me seems to unders
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