Kye Kye - Broke chords

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                             BROKE - Kye Kye
Tabbed by: Leek

Tuning: Standard


Am    F

Verse 1

Am                G
   I broke in the silence
    F                            G
to repeat what I've done in the past won't change me (Phil.3:3-11)
Am                  G
   I broke when you told me
I could try all the time
but my ways won't change me (Eph.2:8-9)(Gal.3:1-3)(Ro.3:20-22)


Dm                Am
     We tried this, but we failed
C                G
     we know this but we're too blind to see (1Cor.2:14) (2Tim.3:7)
Dm                       Am
     that there is freedom within me (Col.1:27) (Ro.6:4) 
C                       G
      your life brought light for all to see (Jon.12:46) (Mrk.4:11)


When I was lost so I, so I thought
that I was searching all alone
like I was lost so I didn't know (Gal.4:1)
what I was keeping all along (Col.1:27) (Ro.8:11)

Verse 2

Am                  G            F
    I knew from the moment my mistakes all stood out
your light's my only safety (Ro.10:3-13)
Am                      G
oh all the times that I didn't look your way (Mat.13:22)
                F                              G
look what I was missing lord you fill in every space 

that I replaced instead of you (Eze.36:26-27)




Dm            Am
   Revived us, we will sing (Eph.2:4-6)
C              G     
   restored us, you are the source to breath (Jon.4:14)
Dm          Am
   ignite us to a need
C                    G
   to bury everything I never want to be (Ro.8:13-14)

Outro chord progression repeat to the end

Scriptural Citations in Parentheses taken directly from 'About' section of song's 
official Youtube page, uploaded by Kye Kye.
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