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Kyle Hall - 1989 chords

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Band/Artist: Kyle Hall
Song: 1989
Album: Folk-O-Rama Sessions

Tuning: Standard EADGBe



NOTE: G* - 355433
      Cmin - 335543
      (Both are relative to capo on 1st fret)

G              D            C                D
First chance I get, I'll be standing on your doorstep,
G                   D               C       D
wondering if you're up this time of night.
        G                   D                   C                  D       
And the next thing that you know, I'll be right there outside your window
       G             D                C   D             
with a Boombox in my hand like it was 1989.
         G           D            C               D
Though I never had a problem with sharing how I'm feeling,
     G               D                  C     D
this time I'm not so sure what I should say.
        G                  D                C            D
But the next time that I'm leaving I'll try giving you a reason,
  G                 D                 C      D
a reason that you'd wish that I could stay
'cause I've been feeling superstitious,
I've been setting my alarms,
C                             D
I've been making wishes every single shooting star.
    C                            D
And I'll hop on a bus, jump on a plane or take my car.
C                       D                         C
Buy a one way ticket to wherever you are, near or far.
Cmin                     G      D    C
You're always here in my heart.
D      C
Near or far.
Cmin                     G*
You're always here in my heart.
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