Kyle Park - Im Missing You chords

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Kyle Park-I'm Missing You
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 step down (Eb) tuning


Verse 1:
       E                                                   B
You're still the brightest star that lights up my midnight sky
       E                                            B
Every time I think about you I laugh right after I cry
       E                                                   B
You're everywhere I turn and youre every girl I see walkin by
    E                                             F#
And everyone says I'll get over you It just takes time
     G#m                 A                    E                   F#
I've done everything, to try and let go, I've done all that I can do

    B                        F#
I'm missing you, I miss your every move
        E                     F#
without you around, I feel my world coming down
    B                         F#                   E
I'm missing you, I'm thinking all I can do is keep movin' on, 
          F#                           G#m
And maybe you'll see you're wrong for leavin' me, 
            B               F#           G#m
And did you know that every night when I fall asleep
      B         F#             E
Every one of my dreams involve kissin' you 
         G#m       F#        B
And everyday I'm awake I'm missing you

Verse 2:
  E                                            B
I talk on the street and I can barely speak my name
     E                                                 B
Just one thought about you and I forget what I have to say
  E                                              B
I reach for the phone but I know I'm only an old flame
         E                                                  F#
It would be a tough call but after all I'm the one who's to blame
   G#m                         A                      E                  F#
Nothing I've tried can get you out of my mind there's nothing that I can do



B                        F#
I'm missing you, I miss your every move
        E                    F# 
I'm not strong enough to let go of your love
    B                   F#                     E       F#
But girl it's true that somehow I keep holding on even though you're long gone


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