Labuat - Circus chords

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First comment that accompanies the song with a succession of chords and notes (like a 
I will put the letter C-Chord or R-rating depending on whether one thing or another.

Chord--> C   Rating--> F#   Rating- G   Chord- G#   Chord- G

She plays it several times
Then play the following notes:

F# G G# G
C  D  C

And then the chords F7 and E7, but only using three strings. They are bluesy chords, is 
act as if C7 be played with capo but without using it in the fifth and fourth fret and 
press the strings 5, 4 and 3.

0 8 7 8 0 0  F7
0 7 6 7 0 0  E7

Only the strings are pressed with finger over.
After more than two chords

Am and F

And back to start
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