Lady Antebellum - American Honey chords

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Lady Antebellum
American Honey
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Capo 6th
Intro: G Cadd9 x4

          G                                                   Em
She grew up on the side of the road, where the church bells ring and strong

                         Cadd9                                G Cadd9 x2
love grows. She grew up good, she grew up slow, like american honey. Steady

       G                                             Em
as a preacher free as a weed. Couldn't wait to get goin, but wasn't quite 

                    Cadd9              D          G Cadd9 G
ready to leave, so innocent, pure and sweet american honey.


           Cadd9     G               Cadd9  G            Cadd9  G
There's a wild, wild whisper blowin in the wind, callin out my name like a

 D                       Cadd9      G          Em      G       Cadd9
long lost friend, oh i miss those days as the years go by oh nothing 

              Cadd9 (Strum once)
sweeter than summertime. Than American Honey.


                  G                                 Em
Get caught in the race of this crazy life. Tryin be everything, can make 

                             Cadd9           D           G Cadd9 G
you lose your mind. I just wanna go back in time, to american honey.



          Em  D  C                           D                   G Cadd9 x4
Gone for so long now, gotta get back to her somehow, to american honey


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