Lani Misalucha - Love Me Again chords

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Love Me Again
Lani Misalucha


   Intro: C-CM7-C7-F-Eb-G7-

   C         CM7          C7
   I still remember that day
   F                       Bb
   You said goodbye and my eyes start to cry
       Em             Am
   Oh baby, why do we have to feel this way
       Dm                  Eb           G7
   Oh baby, where in this world would I be

   C           CM7         C7
   You try to find someone new
   Say it's just a game 
   And you'll still come back to me
       Em                    Am
   Oh baby, there's still a chance for you and me
           Dm                            Eb-G7
   Please tell me it's just a matter of time

   C    Am   Dm    G   G/F  Em
   Love me again, love me again
               Am             Dm             G7
   'Cause you know I've been waiting for so long
           C   Am   Dm    G   G/F  Em
   Please love me again, love me again
              Am         Dm
   I'll do anything for you
         G7        C
   Just love me again

   Interlude: C-CM7-C7-F-Eb-G7-

   C          CM7          C7
   Now, what words can you say
     F                      Bb
   Forgive those to blame, forget all the pain
       Em               Am
   Oh baby, why don't we try it again
          Dm                  Eb-G7
   Please tell me now is the time

   (Repeat Chorus except last word)

                Am    D7
          ... again, again ooh

   Dm                 G7,F,Ebm,Ab7,
   Love me, love me, love me, oh

   (Repeat Chorus moving chords 1/2 step  higher,
    except last line)

        G#7                C#-Bbm-Ebm-Ab-C#
   Just love me, love me again
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