Larry Vincent - I Used To Work In Chicago chords

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                        I Used to Work in Chicago - Larry Vincent
Tabbed by: 2_Stand

Tuning: standard

D          A7        D     G                 D
I used to work in Chicago, at a convenience store,
D          A7        D        E7                  A7
I used to work in Chicago. I did, but I don't anymore.
   D        A7        D          
A lady came in, with porcelain skin,
    D7                         G
And I asked her what she came for...
  G                      D
"Liquor," she said, and lick 'er I did
    A7                     D          
And I don't work there anymore.

(variously performed by...
Spike Jones,
Eddie Vedder,
"Dusty and Lefty" (Woody Harrelson and John C. Reilly) in the film A Prairie Home Companion,
...and others.)
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