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Left Out Kid - Welcome tab

Tabbed by Jon Riley


 This is another easy song but it has quite a few different guitar parts.
 When I recorded it I took samples of me playing and made the song up from
 that, so theres no real way of playing it properly live. I'm only gonna tab
 bits of it otherwise i'd be here all night.

 Chords -

 (A)  (E)  (F#m)  (D)           Key:
E x   12    x     10
A 12  14    9     12            / = slide
D 14  14    11    12
G 14  13    11    11
B 14  12    10    10
e x   12    9     10

  Guitar 1:

    A                E               F#m             D
 E|------------    ----12--12---    -----------    ----10--10---|
 A|---12--12---    -------------    ----9--9---    -------------|
 D|------------    ------14-----    -----------    ------12-----|
 G|-----14-----etc --13---------etc -----11----etc --11---------|etc
 B|-14---------    -------------    --10-------    -------------|
 e|------------    -------------    -----------    -------------|

  Guitar 2:

    A            E           Fm         C#

 Thats basically it..good luck trying to play along with it though! (I can't)

 copyright belongs to Jon Riley
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