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Lena Katina - Stay chords

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By: Lena Katina
Tabbed by: Sara .A.

Standard Tuning

Intro: G#     Cm
I'm still awake 

I'm lonely 
And longing for you 
You come and love me 

Then you leave me 
Feeling empty and blue 
You're always running 

Always hiding 
Always playing a game 
Coming back for more 
You disappear by the end of the day 
D#                    G#     Cm
I want you to stay 
D#               G#          Cm
You never stay 
D#                 G#        B/Cm
Come on and stay 

But you never stay...     Cm   A#
Don't keep me waiting 
A#                        Cm
Heaven won't know 
A#            Cm
A#                                 G#
Come on, heaven won't know 

When I look into your eyes 
I feel guilty as hell 
I know our love is forbidden 
But still I don't care 

The fire in your touch on my 
Skin makes my body shake 
Coming back for more 
You disappear 
It's more than I can take
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