Lenka - Heart Skips A Beat chords

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Heart skips a beat - Lenka

Capo 3 

Verse 1
     D			        A
My heart is playing tricks on me and it´s building bricks on me
    G			     Bm
I can’t break through and I can´t face you
     D			      A
My world is turning slowly now but it’s burning up somehow
    G		     Bm
I need some time to know what’s right
	      A			     F#m	 A
‘Cause it’s only in the quiet that I feel some relief

D			    C
 I´m trying hard not to resist the joy
D			       C
 Don´t listen to me I’m being paranoid
D				C
 I might try hard but it’s too hard to avoid
 My heart skips a beat. My heart skips a beat

Verse 2
     D			        A
My heart is always first to know and as the feeling grows
    G		  	   Bm
I can’t deny push those thoughts aside
     D			      A
My world is full of loveliness but I focus on the stress
     G		   	   Bm
My heart says “Go” but my brain says “No”
	   A			  F#m		A
And it’s only in the quiet that I hear myself breathe


     F#m			 Bm
Oh I know this time ’cause it’s physical
    F#m			Bm
My blood has stopped and I am breathless as well
      F#m	        Bm
But I need a minute to convince myself
	      A			     F#m          A
‘Cause it’s only in the quiet that I know what to feel

Chorus (2x)

Have fun! Tell me if something´s not correct
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