Lenny Kravitz - Stand chords

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Stand                                    Lenny Kravitz

Tune down 1 Whole Step  (Lenny’s acoustic version on You-Tube)
Don't give up,
You're gonna see tomorrow
          C            /B   Am
That you'll be on your feet again
Bm                          E
Sometimes the world's gonna knock you over
        C                C/B         Am
But you will see who you are your friends

         D  C  G2             D  C  G2
Come on, stand,      up again
         D  C  G2
Come on, stand,
D                   C      G2
Stand, you're gonna run again

Bm                           E
Your faith and patience will be your soldiers
       C                  C/B      Am
To guide you through your troubled times
Bm                   E
Just put one foot in front of the other
    C           C/B         Am
The battles are inside your mind
Bm                    E 
You have the power to face your demons
C                  C/B     Am                  
No matter how they go on time
Bm                       E
And rid yourself of your fear and weakness
     C                        C/B        Am
So you can start to live your life

Chorus (repeat)

Pick up your will
And put on your face
       Am7                   Bm7
If you need to, just take my hand
Am7                       Bm7          
It's time to demonstrate, don't hesitate
C (3rd Fret Barred)         D(open)
Just get up and say: Yes, I can

Chorus  (just chords)
Chorus (repeat 2x ad lib 2nd time)
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