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Les Miserables - Stars chords

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This is Hopefully an accurate version of Javert's Song Stars from the 25th 
anniversary concert of Les Miserables. I find it best to play along to the 
performance just to get the timings to be honest.
For the Intro Given in the 25th Anniversary performance just pluck E four times.

E   E/Eb           C#m     C#m7/B
There, out in the darkness
            A     A/G#
A fugitive running
Fallen from God
             E   E/Eb 
Fallen from grace
            C#m    C#m7/B
God be my witness
              A     A/G#
I never shall yield
Till we come face to face
                     C#m C#m7/B
Till we come face to face
                       F#m   F#m/E
He knows his way in the dark
Mine is the way of the Lord
And those who do follow the path of the righteous
Shall have their reward
And if they fall
As Lucifer fell
The flame
The sword!

E     E/Eb
        C#m       C#m7/B
In your multitudes
             A      A/G#
Scarce to be counted
Filling the darkness
               E     E/Eb
With order and light
            C#m      C#m7/B
You are the sentinels
           A      A/G#
Silent and sure
Keeping watch in the night
                     C#m     C#m7/B
Keeping watch in the night
                           F#m   F#m/E
You know your place in the sky
You hold your course and your aim

And each in your season
Returns and returns

And is always the same
           Am              D7
And if you fall as Lucifer fell
    G       B
You fall in flame!

              E                 G#m
And so it has been and so it is written
       Bm             A
On the doorway to paradise
               Am                   E
That those who falter and those who fall
     F#      B
Must pay the price!

(Key Change!)
G      G/F      Em     Em 

                C    C/B
Lord let me find him
           D       D7
That I may see him
            G    G/F
Safe behind bars
I will never rest
Till then
This I swear
                    G   G/F   Em   G  
This I swear by the stars-----------

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