Less Than Three - Promises chords

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PROMISES by Less Than Three

A                     E
 I've been trying to put this words
 D           E
 far too long
A                          E           D  E
 Because the words seem to never get along

A                     E 
 Press my pen to the paper for the 
 D               E
 better words I lack
A                               E
 'Cause every time there on the tip of my tongue
   D                       A  
 I hesitate and take them back

F#m        E                 D
 For every promise there's a promise broken
          F#m          E               D
 and with everything I say there's a desire to catch your ear
A                     E
 Every breath that I take without you
      F#m           E         D   
 is a breath that's wasted, breath that's wasted and
A                 E
 Every moment without you here is
   F#m         E          D
 a moment that I long to hold you near

Fill in: A--D--

VERSE: same chord pattern: A-E-D-E

CHORUS: same chord pattern: F#m-E-D-(2x); A-E-F#m-E-D-(2x)

OUTRO: F#m-E-D--

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