Lettermen - Turn Around Look At Me chords

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Turn Around, Look At Me:The Lettermen.
#5 in 1962.

INTRO:  C C+ Am Dm7sus4 G7

G7       C       F         C
There is someone walking behind you,
      Dm7            Dm6
Turn around, look at me.
G7       Dm7                   Bb
There is someone watching your footsteps,
G9    CM7            Gm7  C7
Turn around, look at me...

C7       F                  E7
There is someone who really loves you,
          Am          Fm6
Here's my heart in my hand.
      C      C+      Am  Am7      Dm7sus4  G7
Turn around, look at me, and understand...

G7           C       F              C
That there's someone who'll stand beside you.
      Dm7            Dm6
Turn around, look at me.
G7          Dm7                     Bb
And there's someone who'll love and guide you.
G9    CM7            Gm7
Turn around, look at me.

C7   F                        E7       Am
I've waited, but I'll wait forever for you 
to come to me.
        C            C+     Am
Look at someone, who really loves you, 
C7    FM7    G9        C     FM7 Em7 Dm7 CM7
Turn around, look..at..m.eee.

A sixties smash from Kraziekhat.
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