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Levon Helm - Wide River To Cross tab

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Levon Helm
Wide River To Cross
(Buddy & Julie Miller)

Tabbed by Ben H.

Standard Tuning

Capo: 3rd Fret

               Em	     G         D  G  D


Verse: 1

          D      G      D 
There's a sorrow in the wind

                  G         D
Blowing' down the road I've been

      Bm                G                 D    G D
I can hear it cry while shadows steal the sun

              G         D
But I can not look back now

                    G    D
I've come to far to turn around

            Bm           G                 D   G D
And there's still a race ahead that I must run


         Bm   A   D            Bm   A   D     
I'm only half-way home I gotta jour-ney on

              Em       G                  D    G D
To where I'll find the things that I have lost

            Bm   A    D               Bm  A        D
I've come a long long road still I've got miles to go

           Em        G        D     G D
I've got a wide wide river to cross

Verse: 2

       D        G      D
I have stumbled I have strayed

        D         G        D
You can trace the tracks I made

      Bm            G              D       G D
All a-cross the memo-ries my heart recalls

               G    D                   G          D
But I'm just a refu-gee won't you say a prayer for me

           Bm             G                 D     G D
Cause some-times even the strongest soldier falls
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