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Levon Helm - The Mountain chords

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The Mountain

Levon Helm

Written by Steve Earle, recorded by Helm on his album Dirt Farmer.  Helmís vocal 
and the instrumentation in his cover of the song gives a sound very reminiscent of The Band.

Intro: C G Am / / / / / / / C / / / / Dm / / / F / / / G

          C                                                      Em    Am
I was born on this mountain a long, long time ago

                     F                            Dm                   F            G
Before they knocked down the timber and they strip-mined all the coal

                  C                                                 Em        Am
When they rose up in the morniní before it was daylight

             F                  C                           Dm             C
To go down in that dark hole and come back up at night

I was born on this mountain, this mountainís my home
She holds and she keeps me from worry and woe
Well they took everything she gave, she gave and now sheís gone
But Iíll die on this mountain, this mountainís my home

I was young on this mountain, but now I am old
And I know every hollow, every cool swimminí hole
ĎTil one night I lay down and I woke up to find
That my childhood was over; I went back down in the mine

Thereís a hole in this mountain, itís dark and itís deep
And God only knows all the secrets that it keeps
Thereís a chill in the air only miners can feel
Thereís ghosts in the tunnels that the company sealed.

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