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Libertines - Cyclops tab

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//Cyclops by the Libertines
//Tabbed by Richie


G                         f#dim            G
    What you try to   do   to me?
                            f#dim            G
 It seems to come  so   naturally     
                f#dim                   G
How you an   noy me
How you des  troy me

//this next section uses barre chords pete also does little changes by taking differant 
off the fret board.

G                                               cm
And everywhere I'm walking like a cyclone
G                           cm
But don't mind me
G                                          cm
How's it fair, I'm a magnet for psychos
G                                   cm
And pretty riddles keen on me
You can lightly sling
Into my open heavy loving heart
G                      cm
First touch and kissy kissy


C#                G#
Slash-back razor days
C#                      Dm
The boys not to behave
Oh they're like hoodlums

the rest is the same sort of thing
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