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Limbeck - I Want It That Way tab

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Author/Artist: Limbeck
Title: I want it that way
Album: don't know, i have it on mp3
Transcribed by: mr.coneyboy

yeah, this may be a backstreet boys song, but played by this band, I must admit
that  it sounds great, so download the mp3 boyz and girlz . I still think that the
backstreet boys are stupid and their songs are just about to get chicks,
otherwise, they are gay songs...(no offense to their fans,but it's the
truth) I didn't wanted to finish it because i'm a lazy boy, don't tell me
anything cuz i'm the first one who tabbed thus song.
so, that's all. if you didn't knew, Limbeck is a punk rock band. It
kicks ass!!!

 F#m              D        A       F#m      D      A

 Verse: F#5, D5, A5 (palm muted)

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