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Lincoln Brewster - All To You tab

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All To You
Lincoln Brewster

Intro (3x)
E  B  C#m  A 
Verse 1
E   B        C#m   A                E  B  C#m  A 
You called me, Lord, You know my name 
E   B       C#m   A            E  B  C#m  A 
I'm standing now, I'm not ashamed 
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Pre Chorus   
C#m              Eb       E 
I've searched and came up empty, 
This world has nothing for me 
 G#m        A          
You are my One and Only 			

E      B        C#m       A 
I'm living my life for You 
E      B      C#m    A 
I'm giving everything to You 
E    B      C#m       B     A 
Not holding back, but every part 
I'm giving it all to You

Verse 2 
You are the Lord of all I am 
I'll never be the same again 

Pre Chorus

Chorus (2x)

Brake (4x)
C#m F#m  

Brake (2x)
E B C#m A

Chorus (2x)

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