Lisbeth Scott - Take Me Home chords

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Lisbeth Scott - Take Me Home (

You may best know this song from the pie eating scene in True Blood. 
Looked for it for a long time, got fed up, and decided to tab it myself.
Please feel free to leave comments. Enjoy, Andy ;))

Verse 1:
In the sweet light
Dm     A
Of the valley,
Dm       A
When the sun falls 
Upon the pine,
I shall lay down
All of my troubles,
And I lift up,
     E         A     Dm  A
This heart of mine.

Take me home, Lord,
   Dm       A
Oh, take me home.
Dm       A
O'er the hillside
And o'er the sea,
       A                 D
To the soft grass of the valley,
Where your grace
      E        A    Dm  A
Shall set me free.

Verse 2:
Through the shadow
Of the darkness,
Through the storms that
Lead me astray
I shall travel
Forevor knowing
In your light,
I will always stay.


End on A
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