Lizz Wright - Trouble chords

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Trouble  Lizz Wright


G    D/F#   G    D/F#

Verse 1

                 G                     D/F#
Trouble in the air, I don't want it 
                 Em              D/F#
But Iīve to breathe 
                 G                  D/F#
Itīs coming through the door 
                                                           Em           D/F#
Behind the shadows that surround me when I sleep 
                   G                                   D/F#
Somehow I know that I canīt pray this away 
                 G              D/F#                    Em     D/F#      Em     D/F#     
Iīll keep my head down and get up on this train, this train  


                 G/D                     D
Iīm gonna ride this pain like a wave 
                       Cadd9                     Bm7
Lord, make me over I donīt wanna  be afraid 
                 G/D                     D
And when my time is come and gone 
                  Em7                     Bm7
I donīt wanna be the one who canīt let go 

Interlude as Intro

Verse 2

What if I get lost, I call out to you and you donīt save me?
The water comes too close, I donīt have the time to give
what you gave to me? 
Well, as long as my name donīt change, Iīll be the same 
I loved you more than time forever canīt take that away 
Canīt take that away 



G   D/F#   Em   D/F#   G   D/F#   G  D/F#


                G       D/F#
There is a river running by the train 
              G              D/F#
It ainīt troubled itīs just laying there, 
                 Cadd9  Bm7                           Cadd9  Bm7    
wading in the wind           wading in the wind 
               Cadd9  Bm7     Em7   D/F#
wading in the wind 

Chorus 2x
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