Local Natives - Airplanes chords

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                   Local Natives - AIRPLANES

Tabbed by: Soulrivers
Tuning: E A D G B E (standard)

Saw a few tabs on here that were close but not quite how they play it. This should 
be 100% correct, except for the chord names which I just pulled off the top of my head.

E/F#  x 9 7 7 7 x
A7    x 7 5 6 5 x
G     x 5 5 4 3 x
Gb5?  x 5 5 0 2 x
A/C#  x 4 2 2 2 x
A7(1) x 4 5 2 2 x

Intro: E/F#  A7  G  Gb5  G  Gb5  A/C#  A7(1)  x2

E/F#                   A7
The desk where you sit inside of a
           G  Gb5  G  Gb5  A/C#  A7(1)
frame made of   made of of wood
E/F#                           A7
  I keep those chopsticks you had from when
          G  Gb5  G   Gb5          A/C#  A7(1)
you taught abroad taught abroad in Japan

I love it all so much
I call
           G     Gb5   G  Gb5   A/C#  A7(1)
I want you back, back, back,    you back

I did not know you as well
as my father knew you
every question you took the
time to sit and look it up in the

(slight variation in the following choruses, instead of going to the A7(1) after 
the A/C#, they play a A7)
I love it all so much
I call I want you back
(only one stroke per chord here)
It sounds like we
would of had a great deal to say
to each other
I bet when I leave
my body for the sky the wait will
be worth it

(start building up for chorus)

That's it pretty much.
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