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Long Addiction - Now Or Never tab

/Now or Never - long addiction/
/Written by Paul Curtis-Harper/
/All rights Paul Curtis-Harper/

Now or Never


   C  F  C  F

/Verse - 1/

   C                              F
     Sometimes you need to find a concionce
   C                             F
     Sometime you need to find a friend

/Bridge - 1/

   Bb                             F
     Sometimes you need to make a difference
     Cos difference is the key
   Bb                                 F
     And sometimes you need to have a preference
     Between solitude and free

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         Bb    F       C            Bb
     And tonight it is now or never known
             F            C
     And you know it's up to you
         Bb  F         C                   Bb
     And tonight it is now you sit on your throne
            F                 C
     As the king of all thats true
   Bb             F
     You know you do

/Verse - 2/

     You said i could make a difference
     But we're all human in the end

/Bridge - 2/

     Sometime i will make a difference
     And that difference is a key
     And cos of you my life is different
     I'm happy and i'm free

/Verse - Solo/
/Bridge - Solo/
/Chorus/ x2

   Bb   F               C
     Yeah, you know you do x4
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