Lorrie Morgan - He Drinks Tequila She Talks Dirty In Spanish chords

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This IS NOT my work, i just copyed and pasted it from 911 tabs because i wanted 
easier access to it =] it seems right to me =) Amazing song. 

Capo 1st Fret 
        Everybody knows her, Little Miss Rosa, 
        The Queen of the Trailer Park. 
        Well, she's a hot pepper and you'll never forget her 
                   D                          D7 
        If you ever let her break your heart. 
        Seor Jose works all day 
        Sweating in the red hot sun. 
        Row after row, everybody knows 
                  D                        G 
        What they do when the weekend comes. 
Chorus (together): 
G                                D            Dsus    D 
He drinks tequila, & she talks dirty in Spanish. 
He in his sombrero; her in her pretty pink 'jammies. 
They dance all night to the Mariachi  
'til there ain't nobody left standing. 
                   G           D        G 
He drinks tequila, & she talks dirty in Spanish. 
        Well the music is blarin' & the neighbors are starin'. 
        That whole dang trailer is rockin'. 
        Jose's a-howling, that Chihuahua?s growling,  
        & Rosie, she's peeling off her silk stockings. 
        You're so naughty. Kiss my body. 
        Abrasa mi fuerte. 
        Hoochie-koo, t darlin' noche.  (yeah, baby) 
Repeat Chorus 2 x  
Ad lib anything you want here. Throw in some ?ay-yai-yai??s & some ?arriba??s. 
Basically, just have fun with it. This song is a blast to play!! 

official site= www.lorrie.com
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