Lou Christie - Shy Boy chords

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Shy Boy:Lou Christie.
#119 on BB Hot 100 (Bubbling Under) on
ROULETTE Records in 1963.
(One of his first.)

Eb   Cm   Fm            Bb
Shy, shy, shy-yi-yi-yi, boy.
Eb   Cm   Ab            Bb  
Shy, shy, shy-yi-yi-yi, boy.
Eb           Fm  Bb  B   Eb  Cm
Shy boy, oh, nooooooooo..shy boy, 
    Fm   Bb
oh, noooooooooo..

    Eb   Cm  Fm        Ab        Eb          Cm
Too looooooonnnnnng, I wanted to walk like a man, 
Ab           Bb 
ask for your hand.
     Eb       Fm     Gm     Eb  Cm                Fm  Bb
And, oh, nooooooooow that I careeeee, I stand and stare..
 Eb           Cm           Fm      Ab     Bb     
(cause I'm a, shy boy, oh, nooooo, ohhhh, oooooo.. 
Eb  Cm   Fm     Ab  Bb
shy boy, whoah, no..oooo.

    Eb   Cm    Fm                   Bb      Eb
And nooooooooooooooow, and now that love is here, words 
   Fm     Ab  Bb
   Eb       Fm             Ab       Eb     Cm
To looooooooove, I laughed at other lovers.
      Eb    Fm                 Bb
But I wanna change, I've gotta change.
             Cm   Eb   Fm        Ab Bb
(Cause I'm a shy, shy, shy-yi-yi-yi boy.)
 Eb   Cm   Fm        Bb
(Shy, shy, shy-yi-yi-yi boy.)

Ab        Bb        Eb                  Cm  Bb
Now, that love is beginning..(ya-da-da, shy boy.)
Ab            Bb               Eb               Cm
Please be the first to take my hand..(ya-da-da, shy boy.)
Ab      Bb           Eb                F
I'm so afraid you'll walk away..you'll turn me down, you're 
                        Bb        B     E       Db Dbm
gonna make me a clown..(Without a chanceeeeee)..to prove I'm not 
F#m      B        Dbm   E   F#  B
a    shy boy, shy boy,  oh, no.

    E                 Dbm              F#m B      
I'm only (a shy-yi-yi-boy) a shy-yi-yi boy....(oh, don't wanna 
      E   Dbm  A   B
be) a shy boy (shy boy)..(Fade.)

A sixties smash from Kraziekhat.
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