Louis Van Rensburg - Voshaarnooi tab

This is my very first tab ever uploaded.
I couldn't find the riff for this song anywhere and I saw others asking for it too and 
decided seeing as I have to work it out now anyway,
I'm happy to share. The chords were also inaccurate in the only option I found.
The beauty lies in Louis' use of sevenths and minor seven chords mainly that probably 
made them harder to recognise?

Play a basic arpeggio picking over the entire song to create that specific sound.
I indicated a single strum with a "/" next to the Chord.

Also play around with the D7 Chord by hammering and pulling of with the pinkie to 
alternate between the Dsus and D2 or plain D7 Chords
for some extra colouring in. Listen to the song again to get a good idea.
Let's see how this posts!

Voshaarnooi Intro:

e: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 0 ----------------0-----|
B: --------0-- 1--------1--0----------------------0--1-----------------0-----3----------0------3--|
G: -----0-----2 --------------2---0------------0-----2---2----------0----------------0------------|
D: --0--------0 ----0-----------------0 -----0-------0------4-----0----------------0--------------|
A: -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
E: --3----------------------------3----------3--------------------3----------------3--------------|

     G        D7                  G                  D7           G2

Chords used:
G: 300023
G2: 0300x3
D7: 0120xx
D2: 0320xx
Dsus: 3320xx
D7dim: 111xxx
C: 01023x
Bm7: 232422
Am7: 01020x
A7: 02020x
Em: 000220

Play the riff over the first two lines. Then follow a basic arpeggio picking over the verses

   G               D7                          G
Bantam hom so, en flennie die snare
             D7              G2
Ek is verlief op die kind.
        G              C                 D7  Dsus  D7
Die son slaan vuur uit die sweetvos hare
 G        D7               G2
Ek is verlief op die kind

   G          C                      D7  Dsus  D7
Hoor jy meisie met die sweetvoshare,
         G               C                   D7
verstaan jy die praat van die rankie snare
 G        D7                G2rif
Ek is verlief op jou, Kind

    G              Bm7                 Am7                         D7
Lappa lei vir Bella koud in Waboomskloof se geelbossies
   G                    Bm7                     A7                 D7
Lappa maak vir Bella stout met Hanepoot se natrossies
   C                       D7                   D7dim            E7
(slow it down a tad from the E7 for the next part)
Donkerrooi die wingerdblaar en warmrooi die mond van haar

      Am7        D7               Am7    D7
My hart blom wit, vir die voshaarnooi
       D7dim  E7      D7dim  E7
Pluk heide van die rooiste rooi
         C /     Am /     D7 /         (one strum each)
Vir hierdie einste voshaarnooi

(Speed this next part up again with picking):

         G                   Em                    Am7                 D7
En Bellabind, my meisiekind, dis hartblomwit, dis heiderooi
         G                    Em                     C                 DD2D7
En Bellabind my meisiekind, dis hartblomwit, dis heiderooi
      C         Am7        D7     G rif
Vir jou my voshaar meisiekind

Pick the last line slowly and repeat the intro riff on the G once.
End with a single strum on G major.
Now let me know what you think
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