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Low Cash Overflow - Bad Seed tab

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key: F
(F G A A G F) 
Now you are alone 
And you donīt know why 
runaway from me 
And after you said Bye 
Thereīs still something in your mind 
That  you have to find 
something that you can hear 
But baby, you donīt have to fear 
(C D E E7) 
This the sound of my voice 
Coming back again... 
Itīs killing  you 
And youīre feeling all my pain 
You Still need me 
But now i donīt want you 
Cause youīre such a bad seed 
(F G A A G F) 
Now i know for sure 
I wonīt be shared 
Yes iīm thinking about... 
And ... yes i will shout it out... 
Shout it loud 
Dontīt impresse me 
 But I  believe 
That you can hear me 
All time around 
(and inside out)  
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