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Lucero - War tab

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Am    C          G     F  D                         F
I got drafted at nineteen Me and a bunch of  boys from home

C       G      F       C
January      forty three
D                                     F
We Drove out to pine bluff and signed on                         G                F           C
Went to basic south of Birmingham
D                           F
They put me on a west coast train                                   G              F            C
Spent three days out in san diego
D                            F
Then shipped me back east again
C         G       F     C        
Left a port out of new york
D                          F
Slept for months in british rain
C        G        F           C
I tore it up down in London town
D                           F
Then they shipped me back out again

C                     G
And the preacher said boys
F                C
He who is killed tonight
D                             F
Will dine with the lord in parade
C                G        
Then one boy spoke up
F               C
Said preacher come on
D                   F
Eat your supper with us
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C        G                  F
Never talk about those first days
D                    F    
Lots of friends left behind
C          G           F      C
But I made it all the across france
D                          F
And I fought at the maginot line
C      G            F
Rode a tank into Belgium
D                            F
I liked them better than the French
C       G       F           C
Like my daddy thirty years before
D                    F
I did my time in the trench
C       G             F
Lots of days theres no water
D                      F
But the liquor kept me warm
C           G                   F             C
The cellers were stocked to the ceilings with booze
D                            F
So I carried a bottle with my gun


C            G              F
Three times I made seargent
D                  F
Im not that kind of man
C       G         F       C
Pretty much as quick as I could
D                            F
I got busted back to private again
C            G                 F
Cause taking orders never suited me
D                           F   
But givin them out was much worse
C           G           F          C
I could not stand to get my friends killed
D                        F
So I took care of myself first
C           G               F 
Now I know that donít sound right
D                    F
Donít think to bad of me
C       G          F
No it keeps me up nights
C                           F  
What I couldíve done differently


C       G               F             C
I was not to dine at the table of the lord
D                     F
His Food was not to be mine
C            G                F             C
Cause I cursed his name every chance that I could
D                                  F
And I reckon thatís why Iím still alive.

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