Luj Yaj - Ntuj No Tuaj Lawm chords

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The song is by Luj Yaj, it's a simple song and if 
you don't know how to sing it, you can still go 
check out the song on youtube.  This is a hmong 
song it's a pretty old song but it's one of my 
favorite. There is two way of playing this song 
in G or C chord, but this is in C chord, if you 
want to know how to play the G chord, which i 
heard is easier than C chord, you can go on
 youtube and search up cheesymousetrap and ask her 
about how to play G chord for this song. fisrt of 
all, i dont kno the intro chord but i do start 
the song with one stroke on C chord to give me a 
tone to begin singing. that is why there is a 
"(C)" in the beginning of the song and durning the song. 
after one stroke of the chord C, you sing without 
strumming then when you get to Am chord, you start  
strumming. will good luck learning the song! 
hopefully you guys can be able to play a song that
i personally love! i'm sorry if i'm not very 
clear at telling you how to play this song, but 
like i said you can always ask cheesymousetrap 
on youtube to upload a video on how to play the song. 
Have fun!

No capo

Verse 1:

(C )                             Am
ntuj no tuaj lawm koj nyob qhov twg
F                      C
kuv pw tsis tau tseem nco
C  	       G		 C      F  (C)
tseem nco txog wb txoj kev sib hlub

Verse 2:

ua cas tsis hnov koj xa xov los
F                      C
koj twb tsis nco lawm los
 C  	     G  	      C     F  (C)
los yog koj mus muaj dua lwm tus


thaum hnub ci iab lub siab poob nthav
F 	 	 	 	 Dm
thaum tig rov qab lub plawv yaj ntshis
C                  G             C     F  (C) 
vim koj ncaim kuv mus lawm ntau hli

Verse 3:

ntuj no tuaj lawm tsis pom koj los
F      			C
kuv tseem nyob tos niaj hmo              
C  	       G		C      F (C)
niaj hmo nyob tos koj yuav rov los

(Repeat All)
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