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Luke Bryan - Love In A College Town chords

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Love In A College Town

             C                          F 
Girl I'll be over there with my buddies drinkin' beer
       Am                G               F
If you need me, come and get me When you hear our song
     C                                    F
In a little while When you're ready shoot me that smile
              Am             G                        F
That way I'll know, that its time to go, you got your buzz on

We won't ever look as good as we do now
So let's take another shot, drink another round
F                   F/D
Hug on one another, talk about each other
Am              G       F
Stay until they kick us out
F                                   C
Nothin' like love in a college town

All the rumors fly, did you hear who hooked up last night
Thought she was all about, cause all she talked about was some old boy back home
There's old what's-his-name, he just can't seem to graduate
Hittin' on the new crop, buyin' 'em lemon drops, man that's just wrong


I'm gonna fail this test, thinking 'bout your dress
Layin' on my floor, runnin' out the door
Am  G F              G
8.8 BAC, that sounds good to me


Gotta' love love in a college town 
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