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Luke Kelly - The Unquiet Grave chords

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The Unquiet Grave chords
Luke Kelly (15th century English folk ballad)

G C D  C G D G

    G         C      D      G
The Wind doth blow today my love,
  C         G         D
A few small drops the rain.
G            D       G        C
Never have I had but one true love,
   G         D      G
In cold clay she is lain.

     G     C        D       G
I'll do as much for my true love,
   C         G   D
As any young man may.
     G       D         G      C
I'll sit and mourn all on her grave,
  G            D     G
A twelve month and a day.

    G            C     D        G
The twelve month and a day been gone,
  C           G        D
A voice spoke from the deep.
     G     D        G     C
"Who is it sits all on my grave.
    G        D      G
And will not let me sleep?"

    G     C       D        G
Tis I Tis I thine own true love,
    C     G        D
Who sits upon your grave,
      G         D         G          C
For I crave one kiss from your sweet lips,
    G       D     G
And that is all I seek.

     G         C            D         G
"You crave one kiss from my clay cold lips,
    C            G      D
But my breath is earthy strong.
G           D                 G    C
Had you one kiss from my clay cold lips,
       G          D      G
You're time would not be long"

   G       C        D       G
My time be long, my time be short,
  C      G    D
Tomorrow or today,
G          D           G      C
May God in heaven have all my soul
         G         D       G
But I'll kiss your lips of clay.

    G       C      D      G
See down in yonder garden green.
C             G       D
Love where we used to walk.
    G        D           G    C
The sweetest flower that ever grew.
   G        D      G
Is withered to the stalk.

    G        C        D      G  
The stalk is withered dry my love
C           G        D
So will our hearts decay.
   G        D       G        C
So make yourself content, my love,
      G           D    G
'Till death calls you away."

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