Luke Stalinski - In Your Hands chords

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Intro: C

V1      C                   F
I lay awake at night and wonder
C                           G
What's the meaning of your plan?
          C                F
And this cloud that i am under
         Am                  G
I can't believe it's where I am
            C           F    Am   G
and then I reach up and call your name
                  C       F       G
Asking what's the meaning of this pain?

                   C                     G  
I Lay it in your hands, I give it all to You
                    Am               F
No matter what may come, or what you do
                Am                    G
'cause in the night, when all seems lost
                  Dm7 F C
I give it all to you

              C                   F
You know, at times it might be frightening
C                          G
When I don't know where to go
C                            F
But you provide the silver lining, 
C                          G
You convince the moon to glow
             C   /        F   Am   G
so when i reach up, and call your name
             C         F             G   
You make me new, you make me whole again


Bridge: (harder)
      Am                        G                   F
No matter where I Go, no matter how far hope slips away
        Am                  G                     F
I will trust in your love, trust you to save the day

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