Luke Wood - You Pour Out Mercy chords

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F         F/E       Dm   F   F/E Dm
You have known our souls in adversity
When we strive against You
F    F/E         Dm    F      F/E    Dm
You extend Your hand time and time  again
From the heights of glory to the depths of my heart

    Am               G/B        C
For You have bound Yourself to man
    Am         G/B    C
Despite his unfaithfulness

      F  F/E G   Am
You pour out mercy
      F  F/E  G   Am
You open Your heart
      F  F/E  G   Am
You pour out mercy to
F  F/E      G  Am
Reveal Your heart
F          F/E
All man's empty promises
      G             Am
Lie broken at Your feet
     F               F/E   G  Am
But You have never broken one
You open up Your heart
                G    Am    
Time and time again 
You give beauty  for  ashes, 
   G          Am
Garments of praise
You give infinite  mercy 
     G                    Am 
To those who fear  Your  name
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